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Hammink Dairy

Meet our Day on the Farm Hosts 
Bruce, SD

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Day on the Farm 

Hammink Dairy - Fast Facts

  • The first half of the cross ventilated barn was built in 2008 and the second half in 2018.

  • The traditional style barn is one mile north.

  • The first barns were built in 1995.

  • The dry cow barn was built in 2022.  

  • Milk in a Carousel parlor.   

  • Currently milking 4,000 cows with two different locations.  

Day on the Farm 
Schedule of Events 

10:30 to 12:00 

Davis Dairy Plant Tours 

See Below for more information! 

10:45 to end of event 

Free Shuttle from Davis Dairy Plant to Hammink Dairy! 

11:00 to 2:0

Free grilled cheese lunch, SDSU Ice Cream, kids activities, meet the cows, and more! 

Tour Opportunity! 
South Dakota State University

Davis Dairy Plant 

South Dakota State University has offered Dairy Science programs since the beginnings of the university and its dairy plant has been the basis of its teaching and research programs. In 2011 SDSU was excited to open its doors to the state-of-the-art Davis Dairy Plant. This $9.3 million facility was made possible through funds from the dairy industry, dairy farmers, alumni and friends and includes a renovation of the old plant and 10,000 square feet addition. This plant is designed to offer hands-on experience to Dairy and Food Science students at SDSU.


The Davis Dairy Plant processes milk produced at the SDSU Dairy Research and Training Facility(DRTF) just a mile and a half north of campus. Under the guidance of the plant manager and assistant plant manager, students process this milk into multiple dairy products including cheese, butter, pasteurized milk, and ice cream. From here these products are then sold in the SDSU Dairy Bar and around campus as well as at various locations around the state. With more than 60 flavors to chose from, who wouldn't want to make a stop to visit the SDSU Dairy Bar? In addition, the plant is also a venue for numerous faculty and student, and industry research projects for dairy processing. 


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