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Directions to the Swiftel Center

Directions to
Day on the Farm 

Directions to
Davis Dairy Plant and Bussing Option

Our People

2021 Committee

2021 Dairy Fest Committee 
Back Row: Tracey Erickson, Tom Peterson, Darrel Rennich (Chair), Lane Speirs, Tiffany Van Buren, Maggie Molitor
Front Row: Suzanne Souza, Denver Stage, Nicolien Hammink, Vikram Mistry, Jennifer Gross, Heidi Zwinger

2019 Committee

2019 Dairy Fest Committee 
Back Row: Natalie Page, Truus Schukking, Calissa Lubben, Ben Stout, Darrel Rennich (Chairman), Tom Peterson, Tracey Erickson, Vikram Mistry
Front Row: Angel Kasper, Nicolien Hammink, Larissa Neugebauer, Johannah Nielsen, Jennifer Gross, Suzanne Souza
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