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Friday, May 31st 

9:00-10:30 am 

Location: Swiftel Center 

Food For Thought: How to Have a Meaningful Conversation With consumers 

The Dairy Fest Committee invites you to a leadership training event that will focus on helping ag industry professionals build effective communication techniques that allow them to better connect with consumers.  The session will focus on communication challenges and opportunities associated with a variety of topics in agriculture, including environmental issues, GMO's, animal care techniques, workforce development, and other concerns frequently voiced by consumers.











About our Speaker:

Natasha Mortenson's mission is to inspire support for agriculture by helping others develop leadership abilities.  Natasha is an award winning teacher and a lifelong learner who spent 14 years as a high school Ag Instructor and FFA Advisor prior to joining Riverview, LLP's Community Relations team in 2015.  Now, Natasha spends her time working with people of all age groups to help them learn and become advocates for agriculture.  Natasha's experiences have allowed her to develop the ability to create an educational environment through professionalism, hands-on learning, team building, and service to others.


In this session, Natasha will help participants develop communication techniques that will assist them in having productive conversations about modern agriculture.  Topics such as food production, nutrition, workforce development, GMO's, animal care techniques, and other concerns frequently voiced by consumers will be discussed.  By addressing a variety of current issues and opportunities in agriculture, Natasha will help session attendees become better advocates for agriculture and its associated industries.